Review Policy

Fog of Wargames Review Policy

I thought it might be helpful to readers to explain my approach to reviews. I am (obviously) not a professional critic of games. As a consequence, my gaming time is limited. Between actual work and other hobbies and interests, I cannot always spend the time to play through a gigantic 100 hour monster of a game. My reviews will reflect this fact.

I receive no revenue from Fog of Wargames. I operate the blog purely as a hobby, and never intend to profit from it in any way. That being said, if a publisher were to offer me a review copy of a game, I would not turn it down. I do not believe that it would effect the review I give such a game, however. Further, I would disclose the source of any game I review.

I anticipate that there will be more positive than negative reviews on Fog of Wargames. This is not because I love every game, or because I am incapable of writing a negative review. The reasoning behind this approach is that, if I am not enjoying a game, I would generally rather move on to something else. I will not review a game on the blog unless I have given it a fair attempt.

Finally, there is the question of numerical ratings. I am not confident that a numerical rating system has any real value, given my sometimes idiosyncratic preferences. I respect reviewers who are able to use one effectively, such as James Allen at Out of Eight, but am personally more comfortable with a straight narrative style. I will, however, give a verdict on whether I think that a game is worth a purchase.


From time to time I will post my impressions of a game. These will be based on much less play time than a proper review, and any analysis will often be more surface level than the analysis in a proper review. Other than the even more constrained time limit, impressions will function in a similar fashion to reviews.


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