Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Ten

This is getting old fast:

The consequence of this is that supply has become a real problem. It will be hard for my units to maintain combat effectiveness going forward, given the absence of replacements, fuel, and ammunition.

Not only that, but the VP numbers are starting to go the wrong way:

Ian has cut off elements of the 78th Infantry, which were pushed way out to the east, as well as a unit of the 2nd Panzer, which I will need to rescue. Meanwhile, he has seized Hasting, which accounts for the 1 VP I lost.

The Front, Turn 10

First order of business: Freeing the 2nd Panzer.

Freeing the 2nd Panzer

Now that I’ve freed the 2nd Panzer, I try to close up the gap in the line by pushing back the British Tank Division to the west.

Attacking a British Tank

I force a retreat, but I would have preferred to shatter the unit.


While attacking the western side of the line, I decide to eliminate the Swindon Home Guard unit that has been sitting there.

The Last Stand of the Swindon Home Guard

I also attack a weakened motorized brigade, supported by a couple of weakened infantry units.

Attacking a Weakened Motorized Brigade

I managed to do some damage to the units, eliminating the motorized and the engineer unit.

Did Some Damage

By the end of turn 10 the front has mostly stabilized. This is not good for me, because I need to capture London. If I am lucky, I can turn the western edge of the line and do some damage, but that doesn’t seem likely, especially with my supply difficulties.

The Front at the End of Turn 10

Things will continue over at Sugar Free Gamer.


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  1. jmcneice says:

    Now this is a blog I hope mine can emmulate. Great blog, great presentation and great choice of games.

    Heres the link to mine and congratualtions once again!

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