Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Nine

Things are really going from bad to worse (or perhaps worse to worser). The supply situation is brutal, replacements are few and far between, and the British are wearing down my Panzers.

The Front, Turn Nine

Two encircled infantry units – not the Wehrmacht’s finest hour. First I try to free the trapped 15th Infantry:

Trying to Free the Trapped 15th

At least something goes right:


I then shuffle my units, attempting to create a new line. Hopefully my units Zone of Control will keep the British from breaching it:

Trying to Reestablish a Line

Meanwhile, on the western half of the front, the 2nd Panzer attacks! First I use Guderian’s “Achtung Panzer II” card to increase their attack power:

Using Achtung Panzer II on the 2nd Panzer Division

They attempt to eliminate the weakened British 53rd Infantry. If successful, we can cut off the motorized division and destroy it at our leisure.

Taking out a Weakened 53rd

A Retreat is Good Enough, but I'd Prefer to Shatter Them

Finally, I try to push the Oxford home guard out of the forest. I figured that it would be full of school boys, easy to defeat. Imagine my horror when it appeared to be full of rough and ready townies.

Picking on the Oxford Home Guard

Surprisingly Resistent; Must be Townies

I them move in an additional infantry corps. I need more bodies on the front.

Moving in an Infantry Corps

The ever increasing losses from British naval interdiction are going to prove increasingly unsustainable.

At the end of the turn, one of the infantry divisions is freed, but things don’t look much better. I am going to keep trying to push at the outside of the British line, and try and outflank him. It is a desperation strategy, but at this point my offensive has mostly stalled. Supply will only get worse, so I need to push now. It is probably already too late, but no point giving up now. I’ll save the surrender for at least a few more turns.

The Front at the End of Turn Nine

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