Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Eight

Things start out bad this turn, and then they get worse.

First, the intercept capacity of the royal navy continues to improve. That means that it will be harder both to resupply my units in England and to land reinforcements.

Second, I’m still at 8 VPs, and my losses are increasing to levels that may be unsustainable:

Third, I see the front for turn 8, and things are beginning to fall apart. Note the encirclement of several infantry units on the East side of the front:

The Front, Turn 8

First I try to use my infantry to break out of the encirclement, but that doesn’t work particularly well:

The Failed Breakout

All my other rescue operations fail, so I shift focus to the Western flank. First I eliminate the home guard unit there:

Taking out the Home Guard

I then move out to the West, trying to get around the flank. I encounter a refugee polish unit, and attack it:

Trying to Turn the Flank

I land some new Panzers, but get more bad news:

This Probably Means I Am Hosed

I push a couple more attacks in the center, but there are no real breakthroughs. At this point, I am very concerned about being able to sustain the current front, let alone advancing on London. Things are looking bleak.

The Front at the End of Turn 8

See what Ian is up to over at Sugar Free Gamer.


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