Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Seven

Things are just getting worse and worse in the channel. This is going to put a serious damper on my supply situation. I need to take London before my Panzers grind to a halt, with the fuel gauges reading empty.

Also, it decided to rain this turn. That means that (once again), my Panzers are delayed in landing. As a consequence, I have 10 points left over to spend this turn, which will go towards more engineers and artillery. Also, I am holding steady at 8 victory points, needing 16 more for the win.

The front has my offensive power concentrated on the western side. Hopefully I can use my Panzers over the next couple of turns to turn the British flank. If I can get some encirclement, I may be able to get rid of some of these troubling defensive units.

The Front, Turn 7

First, I send the 1st Engineers to build a bridge in the southwestern edge of the front. This should help my infantry units (and eventually my Panzers) move around to challenge the western flank of the Brits.

Using the 1st Engineers to Build a Bridge

Meanwhile, I finally eliminate that pesky tank that is running around, hopelessly out of supply, in my rear.

On the north west edge of the front, I start to try and turn the western edge. That means I target the home guard on the flank, hoping to wipe out the weaker unit.

Taking Out Some of the Home Guard

Forcing a Retreat

I try to recreate the 1st Panzer’s mighty victory from last turn, but it doesn’t go quite as well this time.

Trying to Recreate the 1st Panzers Feat From Last Turn

Not Bad, But Could Have Been Better

I then turn and finish off the home guard:

Finishing Off the Home Guard

Next, I decide to try my luck, and have the 1st Panzer try to root some British out of the woods. Unfortunately, the lessons of moving through the forest in the Ardennes do not apply to fighting in the forest.

The 1st Panzer Attacks

Tanks Plus Woods Do Not Mix

The panzers have a better time attacking tanks in the woods:

Attacking the 1st Armoured Division

Always Good to Cause a Panic

A couple of infantry attacks, including one that forces the French elite legion to retreat.

Infantry Attacks

Light Losses to Do A Fair Bit of Damage

Taking on the French Foreign Legion

The French Retreat, (Un)Surprisingly

I land my artillery and engineer unit, but they take substantial casualties. At the end of turn 7, the front has widened, but a breakthrough does not appear imminent. I am running out of time, and I’m not sure that I can break through before my supplies become too low to support my army.

The Front at the End of Turn 7

Now go see what Ian is up to over at Sugar Free Gamer.


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