Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Six

So this is probably a bad sign:

This Could Get Bad Quickly

The Royal Navy is back in business, and this could make supply and reinforcement difficult. As a consequence, I’m thinking that I should save shipping points this turn so that I can send my valuable Panzer Corps as soon as possible, as they can least afford the losses.

The British Armored unit hanging out in the rear has actually pushed towards a victory hex. Unfortunately for Ian, that unit is never going to get there. The line is pretty stable at the forest south of London, but hopefully I can get around the flank and start to encircle the city.

The Front, Turn 6

First, I send some infantry to engage and eliminate the 1st Armoured Division. They are ultimately unsuccessful, but the Division is surrounded and on death’s door:

Trying to Eliminate the British 1st Armoured Division

Moving west, I target the 20th Infantry Brigade near Brighton, eliminating the last unit resisting in that area:

Eliminating the 20th Infantry Brigade

In the north, the drive to surround London continues. I target the British 4th Infantry, hoping to eliminate it. I begin with an artillery bombardment:

Artillery Bombardment

And I follow that up with an attack:

The Follow Up Attack

That attack forces a retreat, so I try to finish them off:

Maybe We Can Finish Them Off

The Second Panzer Division is going to try and move around the west flank of the British Forces. They attack one of the units in the line, trying to clear a ZOC free path to surround the enemy.

The Second Panzer Division Attacks

They do plenty of damage, but the British units are tenacious and hold their ground.

Meanwhile, the First Panzer Division is trying to punch above its weight, targeting a stack of four British infantry, with a relatively high total strength.

The 1st Panzer Division May Be Trying to Punch Above its Weight

I’ve been avoiding posting the combat results in this post, especially hen they are particularly boring. This one deserves posting though:

The Panzer Divisions are Absurdly Powerful

The Panzer Division does substantial damage to the British, causing all of the units to break or panic, despite only attacking with 1/3 of the division’s total strength.

Another element of the 1st Panzer attacks a British Armoured unit, but is less successful, only forcing a retreat:

More 1st Panzer Heroics

I save my points this turn, hoping to bring in Hoth’s Panzer Division next turn:

At the end of turn six, my units are breaking out in the east and west, getting ready to move out and try to pick up some cheap victory cities while the main battle rages in the north. The Panzers in the North are trying to punch through the British infantry and start an effort to encircle London. Hopefully they will have reinforcements soon.

The Front at the End of Turn 6

Now it is time to see what Ian will do.

Next Post: Weather Strikes Again


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