Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Four

At the beginning of the turn, we receive good news. The weather has cleared, and we now have enough shipping points to send in Guderian’s Panzers.

Here is the front at the beginning of turn four:

The Front, Turn Four

The big thing that is troubling me is the encirclement of an element of the 7th Fallschirmjager Division. First, I try to push it south to link up with my main force.

The 7th Fallschirmjager Tries to Escape Encirclement

The 7th encounters British units in the south, which prevent it from linking up with the main army. I attempt to bomb my way out, but am ultimately unsuccessful.

A Failed Attempt to Bomb my Way Out

Before I bring the Panzers across the channel, I decide to finish clearing hte coastline. First, I target the British 20th Infantry Brigade west of Brighton, and force a retreat.

Clearing the Coastline, Part 1

Forces a Retreat

After forcing the 20th Infantry Brigade to retreat, I shift my focus to the Brighton Home Guard unit. I attack once and break one of the units stacked there.

Clearing the Coastline, Part 2

One Home Guard Unit Broken

I follow up the attack, hoping to clear out the last home guard unit.

Follow Up Attack

The attack is successful:

Home Guard Units Eliminated

After clearing the Brighton Home Guard, I send my infantry east to clear out the Hasting Home Guard Brigade. An attack and a follow up cause panic, but fail to destroy the unit.

Clearing the Coastline, Part 3

Home Guard Panics

Follow Up Attack

More Panic

Now it is time for the Panzers:

I decide to land the Panzers in Brighton, where I will push them forwards toward London, hopefully freeing the 7th Fallschirmjager.

Panzers Land in Brighton

The 1st and 2nd Panzer Divisions Move to Relieve the 7th Fallschirmjager Division

My initial attack is successful, so I follow up, attempting to free the 7th Fallschirmjager. I do a lot of damage, but am ultimately unsuccessful.

Follow Up After My Panzers' Initial Success

The 7th FJ is Not Quite Relieved

At the end of turn four, my Panzers have landed, and the beach head is mostly clear. Hopefully I can use my Panzers to surround and eliminate some British units, and eventually push them and the infantry forward to surround and besiege London.

The Front at the End of Turn Four

Next Post: Pushing the panzers forward.


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