Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Three

At the start of turn three, we check the victory situation:

Only 18 VP to Go

I’ve got 17 turns to pick up 18 VPs – I think that is definitely doable. I can get 16 from London, and then I just need two more. Completely possible, especially once my Panzers land.

Of course, it isn’t that simple. Who would of thought that their might be rain in the channel?

Weather, My Archnemesis

I need 40 points to bring my tanks ashore. That means I won’t be able to land anything this turn. (Of course, after my turn was over, I realized that I could have landed some artillery and engineers with 10 points, and hoped for 20 points next turn to land my Panzers. Since the max is 40, I’m probably throwing 20 points away.)

After the disastrous weather, we can survey the front:

The Front, Turn 3

The plan for turn three is to try and eliminate the Brighton home guard, and then get my troops in the north in position to form a line, holding the British off until my powerful armored corps lands.

First order of business, attempt to eliminate the Brighton Home Guard:

Trying to Eliminate the Brighton Home Guard

Unfortunately for me, the attack stalls. The Home Guard shouldn’t be a real threat to my position, but I’d still like to clear the coastline.

The Attack Stalls

In the north, the 22nd Luftlande Division has encountered some resistance:

The 22nd Luftlande Division Runs into Trouble South of London

The 22nd Luftlande is probably best off attacking. I can get a 70% bonus for combined concentric attack and divisional cohesion. May be my best chance to push back the British units in the forest:

Plus 70% Sounds Like it Will Help

My units were able to push the British back, but I’d rather they had done more damage:


At the end of turn three, my units have established a clear beach head. My main problem at this point is that my units are slow, and lack serious offensive punch. Once I am able to land some Panzers next turn, I should be able to attempt to surround and eliminate some of the British units. At a minimum, I should be able to hit a lot harder on the offensive.

The Situation at the End of Turn 3

Next Turn: Guderian comes out to play.


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