Battle of the Blogs II: Sealion Turn Two

At the beginning of turn two, the sea corridor remains intact:

Victory status puts me at 4 points:

During the British turn, Ian has moved some units in the north, around London. The landing area is still mostly clear:

Invasion Area, Beginning of Turn 2

In an effort to clear out the beachhead, I use elements of the 15th and 78th Infantry Divisions to assault the home guard:

First Attack on the Home Guard

The result? Victory:

Total Victory

After clearing out the Home Guard at Eastbourne, I shifted my attention to Brighton. Brighton is held by two elements of the Home Guard, but I am able to bring a fairly substantial force against them on the attack. The result is never in doubt:

Attack on Brighton

Victory in Brighton

Having cleared out the beach head, it is time to decide what units will follow up the initial invasion. First, I’ve chosen the 22nd Luftlande Division:

22nd Luftlande Division

I plan to use the 22nd to flank the British in the north, hopefully setting up some future attacks against the British army (and French Foreign Legion) units near London. The landing goes about as planned:

Flanking the British

Once they land, I move them to attack an element of the British 55th Infantry Division:

22nd Luftlande Attacks

It may have been a better idea to wait for them to land before throwing into the attack, as it did not go very well for me:

Perhaps I should have waited a turn...

I have 20 shipping points now. Assuming everything stays the same, I should get an additional 20 points next turn. This raises a question: do I land an infantry division now, land some support elements now, or save my points to land a Panzer division next turn. The answer, in my mind, is simple:

Next Turn: Guderian's Panzers?

At the end of turn two a beach head is relatively well established. The goal now is to push out and take a port, to make shipping and supply easier, and then close in on London, hopefully securing some victory points.

The Situation at the End of Turn 2

Next Turn: The best laid plans…


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