Battle of the Blogs II (Take 2): Sealion

Given our problems with Combat Command (hopefully soon to be resolved), Ian and I have decided to return to Decisive Campaigns for another go. Figuring that an amphibious assault was on the menu, we chose to give Sealion, the hypothetical German invasion of Britain a try. Ian, fittingly, will be taking the British, while the Germans fall to me.

Sealion is a tricky scenario, given British naval dominance. Most of the Luftwaffe will be tied up keeping the channel open for three days, so that I can move at least some of my units on shore. My units will also have less access to artillery and other heavy weapons, because they are difficult to ship across the Channel. Given that I only have a 3 day window of absolutely open sea, time is of the essence.

To win this scenario, Germany needs 24 victory points. London and its surrounding cities are worth 16 points (4 points per hex), which is a prize that is too tempting to turn down. That means that I need 8 additional victory points. Conveniently, the southern coast of England can provide just that. I can land on the Southern coast, drive towards London, and send out armies to take and hold the coastal cities, which will provide both victory points and a place to land reinforcements, as long as my flyboys can keep the channel open to German shipping. Here is the map, and a rough plan:

The Map

A Rough Plan

Landings will occur on the coast between Brighton and Eastbourne. We will try to seize the cities quickly, if possible. Paratroopers will drop behind enemy lines, and attempt to hold the roads toward London and the interior. If I can scrounge up the shipping points, I hope to land Heinz Guderian and his Panzers, who can slash forward in the country side in an attempt to cut off London. But first, we need to try the landing.

Recon photos show light forces on the beaches, and the city of Brighton empty of even the home guard. Time to make the British pay for that mistake:

Recon Shows a Clear Beach

Landing Von Manstein Outside Brighton

Von Schweppenburg Storms Eastbourne

I land my forces in the landing zone, and am able to take Eastbourne unopposed. I am not yet in a position to take Brighton, but I hope to do so at the beginning of next turn.

Having successfully landed my infantry divisions, I now turn to the Fallschirmjager. This does not cost me any shipping points (for obvious reasons), but does cost me 10 political points. I have a significant number of points now (40), but I will need to be careful to save 20 to bring on Guderian’s Panzer Divisions.

After dropping the 7th Flieger Division, and exploiting to seize various roads, the situation looks like this:

The Front, End of Turn 1

Next turn, assuming all goes well, I plan to hoard my 20 shipping points. On turn 3, I will be able to land a Panzer Corps, and start doing some damage to the British infantry divisions lurking in the fog of war. I will be able to drop more Fallschirmjager for support, or to try and create an encirclement threat. I won’t know until I see what Ian is doing with his forces.

Next Turn: Taking Brighton


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