Battle of the Blogs II: Cancelled

Sadly, Battle of the Blogs II has to be canceled. Ian and I are having an error with PBEM games that we cannot seem to work out. I may run a solo scenario of Combat Command in the near future, to try and show it off.

We are currently looking for another game to run. Wish us luck!


2 Responses to Battle of the Blogs II: Cancelled

  1. Harry says:

    That sucks, I am interested in this game and love your battle of the blogs concept and execution so far. Can you give some details on the problem with the PBEM. I was hoping that this game had a easy and stable PBEM system…

    • The PBEM system in Combat Command is pretty standard, from what I can tell. You take a turn, and at the end it autosaves and prompts you to e-mail the turn to your opponent. It will even open your default e-mail client for you and attach it. It appears to be quite simple.

      Whenever Ian and I exchange turns, the game tells us “You are not authorized to play this turn!!”, which, of course, is wrong. It seems to be happening when the first player attempts to take his second turn at this point, but sometimes during the first turn as well.

      We’ve been on the Matrix forums, and they say that they encountered this issue in beta testing, and believe that they had resolved it. I am working with one of the beta people to try and resolve the issue. I will update if this issue gets fixed, and try and post a turn.

      The game is interesting, and assuming that the PBEM problem is resolved, I’d recommend it.

      There will be a new Battle of the Blogs starting soon, most likely a return to the Decisive Campaigns engine. Hopefully I will get the first turn posted today, certainly by Friday.

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