Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Falling Action

At this point, my armies have taken Metz and are pushing towards Strassbourg. It should be a simple matter of keeping the city surrounded and moving units forward.

Strassbourg Encircled

I’ve also got Brest surrounded, and they are reduced.

Brest Surrounded

Wearing Down the Units in Brest

My armies then attack Strassbourg, preparing to surround it.

Closing in on Strassbourg, Turn 18

The attack is successful and Strassbourg is surrounded.

Strassbourg Surrounded, Turn 19

Meanwhile, my units on the Peninsular front take Brest.

Taking Brest

Strassbourg surrenders on Turn 20, leaving me in control of essentially all victory hexes.

Strassbourg Surrenders, Turn 20

At the end of turn 25, you can see the entire forward line. France is now covered in snow, and my armies have attained a decisive victory.

France in Snow, Turn 25

Decisive Victory

Not much to report at this point, I’m afraid. The majority of the German forces had been shattered at the beginning of this turn. My armies just needed to take a couple of lightly defended cities.

I enjoyed this scenario, though it was somewhat easier than expected. During the early turns, I had the sickening feeling that superior German armor would push me back to the beaches. That being said, the sheer numbers of allied units (and availability of allied reinforcements) ultimately ensured my victory. I am looking forward to playing a larger campaign game, to get  a feel for the diplomacy system.


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