Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turns Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen

Turn Twelve

Having captured Paris, the first task on turn twelve is to secure the area. Now that I have a clear supply source, both in the captured city of Paris and the clear road networks, my units are well supplied and very strong. First I send my armor to wipe out the remaining infantry in Paris.

Clearing the Area Around Paris, Beginning of Turn 12

The units that are not participating in the cleanup around Paris push out towards Metz, meeting no resistence until they reach the city. My armored units are so strong at this point that I can probably take Metz without significant infantry support.

Moving towards Metz

Meanwhile, on the Breton front, my units push ever closer to Brest.

Breton Peninsular Front

The forward push has taken a toll on both my air forces and my units on the Breton front. I reinforce some of them.

Reinforcements for my Bombers

Reinforcing Divisions on the Breton Front

At the end of turn twelve my units on the Breton front have been strengthened, and the city of Brest should be liberated shortly.

Breton Front at the End of Turn 12

In the west, a line is forming north of Paris, with several armored units pushed out towards Metz.

Moving East at the End of Turn 12

Turn Thirteen

At the beginning of turn thirteen, the priority is to clear out the German Panzer divisions around Paris, so that I can support the drive on Strassbourg and Metz. It shouldn’t be too hard, given that I have now concentrated overwhelming force in the area.

Clearing out Tanks So I Can Support the Drive on Strassbourg and Metz

After eliminting the German Panzers, I drive further north and east, sending some units to Metz while others move to clear the coast once and for all. Metz is surrounded this turn, and it is just a matter of time before it surrenders, and my forces move towards Strassbourg. Once I take those two cities, I will have almost all of the victory points.

Eastern Front, Turn 13

The slow grind up the Breton peninsula continues, with the majority of my forces attempting to contain the German forces on the edge of the map. Brest should not be able to hold out long.

Peninsular Front, Turn 13

Despite the best efforts of my forces, Metz remains occupied by the Germans. It will fall soon, however.

Siege of Metz, Turn 13

Turn Fourteen

At the beginning of Turn Fourteen, the eastern front is mostly clear.

The Eastern Front, Beginning of Turn 14

All that is left is to take Metz.

Taking Metz

After an easy victory, my units continue the push on to Strassbourg, and the few remaining German controlled VPs.

Moving Towards Strassbourg, End of Turn 14

On the Breton front, my units move into position around Brest, ready to capture the city in the next couple of turns.

Peninsular Front at the Beginning of Turn 14

Peninsular Front at the End of Turn 14

There are few elements of the German army left in the area that pose a threat, and the scenario’s action is winding down.

Turn Fifteen

The eastern front continues to be clear at the beginning of turn fifteen. It should be simple to push my units towards the last remaining victory points.

Eastern Front at the Beginning of Turn 15

Some of my units move up the coast, clearing out one of the few remaining concentrations of Germans.

Moving Up the Coast

Meanwhile, the assault on Brest begins.

Assaulting Brest

It isn’t quite enough to finish off the occupying forces. The fall of Brest is inevitable, however.

Peninsular Front at the End of Turn 15

At the end of the turn on the eastern front, I have units in a position to take Strassbourg, and the remaining outstanding victory points. Victory is close at hand.

Eastern Front, End of Turn 15

Next Turn: The final push for victory.


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