Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turns Nine, Ten, and Eleven

Turn Nine

At the opening of turn nine, two clear fronts are beginning to develop. One is the eastern front, which is pushing towards Paris, and will then move on to Strassbourg and Metz. The western front is pushing up the Breton peninsula towards Brest.

Units on the eastern front have moved to encircle Tours and the units around it. Meanwhile, several Allied armored units have advanced further east, setting up the push towards Paris once Tours has been liberated.

Moving Towards Paris

The units on the much smaller western front continue the push towards Brest.

Taking the Breton Peninsula

At the end of turn nine, Allied units have pushed almost all the way to Paris. Tours is primed to fall soon, which will free up a significant portion of the army to push east, which should make it simple to take Paris. Also, Le Havre is surrounded, and should surrender this turn.

The Situation at the End of Turn 9

After I hit the next turn button, Le Havre surrenders.

Le Havre Surrenders

Turn Ten

The first goal on turn ten is to clear the area around Tours, to free up the units engaged in the siege. There are two infantry units and one paratrooper unit. My forces are more than sufficient to handle the units there.

Clearing out the South, Before Moving on Paris

Having liberated Le Havre, my units on the coast move to engage the armor and infantry that remains in the area. I do not want to risk any of the German units cutting off supply or otherwise mucking around in the rear.

Clearing the Coast

On the Paris front, a line is forming along the river and around the city. Over the next several turns, the forces around Paris should be ale to surround the city and eliminate the German units in the area. The only unit that poses a real threat is the 5 strength mechanized infantry unit north of Paris, but I should have more than enough firepower to take it out.

Paris Front, Turn 10

Meanwhile, on the Breton front, my units push forward. A few German units are left, but they are weakened and should be eliminated next turn.

Southern Front and Breton Peninsula, Turn 10

At the end of the turn, I was notified that Operation Dragoon was finally launched, through I am not sure how much benefit I will see in the limited area of this scenario.

Operation Dragoon Begins in Southern France

Turn Eleven

At the beginning of Turn Eleven the real push towards Brest begins. My units easily eliminate the German Garrison on the northern shoulder of the peninsula, allowing an advance down the road towards Brest.

Moving Towards Brest at the Beginning of Turn 11

My units continue to clear the coast, and begin to surround Paris.

The Paris Front and the Attacks on the Coast

The unit garrisoning Paris is weak, and I have substantial strength arrayed against them. I think I can successfully assault Paris and liberate the city this turn.

Assaulting Paris, Turn 11

Paris Captured!

All that is left now around Paris is the clean up.

Taking out the Units Around Paris

At the end of turn eleven, there is a solid line forming on the eastern front. The push towards Strassbourg and Metz will begin next turn, setting me up to control essentially all of the victory points.

The Front Line at Paris, End of Turn 11

Next Post: The push towards Strassbourg and Metz begins.



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