Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turns Seven and Eight

Turn Seven

Once again, German Panzer divisions run wild during the German turn, taking a big chunk off of several Allied units. Here is the situation:

The Situation, Turn 7

In the interest of freeing up additional supply for my units advancing on Paris, I start to attack towards the port of Le Havre.


I then send my tanks to start pushing German infantry back along the river:

Wiping out Some German Infantry

After eliminating the Infantry, I shift my focus to the Cotentin Peninsula. There is one stubborn unit there that I really want to get rid of:


Clearing the Peninsula, Again

That attack is finally enough to get rid of that pesky Panzergrenadier.


Finally Cleared the Peninsula

At the end of turn seven, I’ve established a strong perimeter in advance of the beachhead. Soon I will be able to break out towards Paris in the east and Brest in the west.


The Situation at the End of Turn 7

Turn Eight

I, of course, forgot to take a screen shot at the beginning of turn eight. The closest thing I have is right after I starting moving, planning to take Le Havre and clear the coastline of units, then push in to Paris.


The Situation in the North East, Turn 8

I move on to Le Havre, and then start to move up the coast and into France, wiping out infantry and Armor.


Taking Le Havre

Trying to Clear up the Coast

Now Targeting the Armor

Trying to Mop Up

Fighting Infantry

I also am now in position to eliminate the last unit in the vicinity of the Cotentin Peninsula. Now I will be able to free up those units to push west towards Brest.


Last Unit on the Cotentin

At the end of turn eight I am well positioned to move out towards Paris and Brest. Hopefully next turn the breakout can start.

The Situation at the End of Turn 8


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