Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turn Six

Welcome back readers. After a busy week in my real life and a week of non-wargames, I am ready to return to the Operation Overlord AAR. During the first five turns, I made a successful landing, established a forward perimeter, and moved most of the Allied forces into France. Just when things were going well, the Germans counterattacked with the powerful Panzer divisions.

During the German phase of turn five, a number of my units are attack by German Panzer divisions. I respond by pushing forward and preparing to counterattack:

The Situation, Turn 6

First, I send my tactical bomber wings to pound the German armor, softening it up for my strike:

Bombing Runs

After Bombing Run

Having significantly reduced the strength of the German 116th Panzer Division, I move in to destroy it:

The Battle

Unfortunately, even an attack by my massed armored forces could only force the German Panzers to retreat.

116th Panzer Retreats

I use my armored unit with remaining action points to attack again, hoping to destroy the 116th.

Going in for the Kill

Unfortunately, I only force it to retreat again, though it is significantly weakened.

At the end of turn six, I have done substantial damage to one German armored unit, but there are several more powerful Panzer divisions nearby. Here is the situation:

The Situation at the End of Turn 6

After I hit the “end turn” button, I get an event. I am given the option to trigger Operation Anvil (a.k.a. Operation Dragoon), or use the units in Northern France. I was unclear what the in game effect of my decision would be, so I decided to allow Operation Anvil to begin:

Operation Anvil

Operation Anvil Begins

Next Post: Finally clearing the Cotentin Peninsula, and attacking more Panzer divisions.



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