Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turn Four

All hell breaks loose during the German turn. Hitler’s panzer divisions, cunningly held in reserve, were loosed upon the Allied forces, striking from the west. Several armored units, some as strong as strength 13, attacked many of the allied divisions. In response, the Allies moved to encircle Panzer Lehr division.

After the Panzers Run Wild During the German Turn, I Attempt to Encircle

Lehr was overextended, and was able to be encircled. Once Lehr was surrounded, allied bombers moved in to thin out the tanks before the final attack.

Bombing Targets

After a substantial amount of bombing, Lehr is reduced in strength.

Lots of Bombing Reduces Lehr

After Lehr gets reduced, allied forces begin a coordinated attack, planning to destroy one of the strongest German divisions.

The Attack

After several embarrassing defeats during the German turn, the Allies finally find success against the Panzer divisions.

Lehr Destroyed

The allies then launch a weaker attack on another strong panzer division, which only causes marginal damage.

A Weaker Attack

Only Doing Marginal Damage

New units land, hoping to replace some of the recent losses. At the same time, another ineffectual attack happens on the Peninsula.

See the Newly Landed Units, and Clearing the Peninsula

At the end of turn four, the allies have made good forward progress. That being said, there are still danger signs. Several German armored units are just over the river near Calais, and pose a serious threat to allied units on the north western flank. There potential to push to Paris soon, so long as there are no German reinforcements.

Next Turn: The German armored assault continues.


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