Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turn Thee

Turn three begins, and all remains quiet on the Norman front. So far we have seen little of the massed Panzer formations that intelligence promises are waiting for us just over the next ridge. We are still concentrated at the beach head, but the front has pushed towards Paris. Ideally we can push south from the Peninsula, and clear the beach head to make room for additional troop landings.

The Situation, Turn 3

A short bombing campaign later, and Allied forces are ready to take out a weakened infantry unit.

Taking Out a Damaged Infantry Unit

Meanwhile, Allied troops drive the last unit off the Cotentin Peninsula, ensuring that Cherbourg is secure.

Finally Clearing the Cotentin

After moving some units forward, new contingents of allied troops land on the beach head near Caen.

Freshly Landed Troops

That empties out those transports. More troops board outside London, getting ready to get shipped to the continent to fight the German menace.

Preparing the Next Wave

As the troops push towards Paris, they encounter another weakened infantry unit, which is quickly dispatched.

Pushing Forward

At the end of turn three, the Allies have began to establish a front line off the beach head. On the push, however, the Allies have encountered a strong Panzer unit. There are almost certainly more coming.

The Situation at the End of Turn 3

Next Post: Panzers attack!


One Response to Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turn Thee

  1. jomni says:

    When I was playing Storm Over the Pacific, I get a feeling that the land battles turn into something like WWI. Long frontlines, several hexes deep and progress is slow. Is it the same for this game? Does it give you a good mix of mobile and static warfare like WITE?

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