Time of Fury Beta AAR – Operation Overlord Turn Two

The invasion of Normandy got off to a good start on turn one, as Allied armies have almost secured Cherbourg, and with it the Cotentin Peninsula. More forces will land this turn, but in London, Ike fears a potential German counterattack.

The Situation, Turn 2

First order of business, taking Cherbourg. First, the Royal Navy bombards Cherbourg.

Getting Ready for Naval Bombardment

Devistating, As Usual

After substantial naval bombardment, United States infantry forces begin the final attack on Cherbourg:

Final Attack on Cherbourg

A combined US Army Air Force and RAF drop bombs on the Germans, who have been stripped of any fighter cover:

Choosing Airstrike Targets

After the bombing run, a combined force of armor and infantry begin an attack on a German armored division:

Attempting to Eliminate an Armored Division

Overwhelming force was enough to destroy the armored division.


Production is diverted to reinforcing the Air Force, which has been effective in weakening the German army, especially its armored divisions.

Replacements for the Air Force

The remaining units on the Cotentin start the push to clear it out. The heavy forests on the Peninsula provide a good defensive cover for German forces. This makes it hard to clear them out. To do so will likely require a substantial commitment.

Clearing Out the Cotentin

At the end of turn two, units are landed on the beach heads.  The break out is going slowly, but progress is being made. So far, the German armored divisions haven’t smashed into our forces, but it is just a matter of time until they release the Panzers.

The Situation at the End of Turn 2

During the German turn, submarines engage the fleet. After a short battle, they are eliminated:

Sea Battle

Submarines Eliminated

Next Post: The first encounter with the mighty Panzer divisions.


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