Time of Fury Beta AAR – Fall Weiss Turns Six, Seven, and Eight

Everything is falling into place. Turn six sees my forces advancing against minimal opposition, preparing to encircle and destroy the units in Poznan and Cracow.


The Situation, Turn 6

I send my bombers out to weaken or outright eliminate the units around Poznan:

Bombing Run

My units move forward to surround and lay siege to Poznan. At the end of turn, there will be a chance (almost a certainty given my air superiority and numerical superiority) that Poznan will surrender.

Poznan Surrounded

My units around Cracow are also in good position, and are able to easily encircle the city. It too will almost certainly surrender at the end of the turn:

Cracow Surrounded

At the end of the turn, I realize that several of my Stukas are getting relatively weak. They sometimes take losses on bombing runs, and if I reinforce them I should be able to do substantial damage to the remaining Polish units. Reinforcements are done using production points. Units in supply and in your own territory are easier to reinforce.


Reinforcing the Stukas

At the end of turn six, things are looking good:


The Situation at the End of Turn 6

As expected, the two besieged cities fall.


Siege of Poznan

Siege of Cracow

Now that Poznan and Cracow are cleared, I can free up units to push on Warsaw. Given the availability of units in the North, however, that may not even be necessary:

The Situation, Turn 7

Nothing much interesting happens on turn seven. My units are just moving into position to capture Warsaw.

The Situation at the End of Turn 7

During turn Eight, I am able to easily surround Warsaw:

Warsaw Surrounded

Again, surrender is just a matter of time.

Warsaw Surrounded

At the end of the turn, Warsaw surrenders:

Warsaw Surrenders

As a consequence, Poland surrenders:

Poland Surrenders

The USSR gets a small share of the victory because they occupied an incredibly small part of Polish territory. Then they come asking for more:

Molotov Ribbentrop Pact Event

If I were playing a campaign game, this would have real consequences. As it is, this scenario is complete.

While Time of Fury is still in early beta, I have found it quite enjoyable so far. I am looking forward to firing up the Operation Overlord scenario, and getting a chance to try out amphibious invasions.


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