Time of Fury Beta AAR – Fall Weiss Turns Three, Four, and Five

I have plenty of time to capture Warsaw, so the plan for the next several turns is to clear the way for my units to move to Warsaw, and secure supply lines for my units. I will also attempt to surround, besiege, and eliminate the units in Poznan and Cracow.

The situation at the beginning of turn three:

The Situation, Turn 3

One area that I felt needed particular attention was the road that goes from the Cracow area to Warsaw. If I ever want to get my southern units into the battle for Warsaw, I am going to need to clear it. There is a 2 strength Polish tank blocking my way, but my combined 9 strength infantry should be able to take that out:

Infantry Try to Clear the Road

The Poles Retreat

After the Poles retreat, I am able to eliminate the few remaining tanks using my Stukas, leaving the road clear, and one marginally more dangerous Polish unit destroyed.

At the end of turn three, the encirclement of Poznan is beginning to form up, but the encirclement of Cracow is still more of a line of units standing in front of Cracow. This can be remedied next turn, I hope.

The Situation at the End of Turn 3

During their turn, the Poles do very little. They move some units around near Poznan, but otherwise whatever is happening is happening out of my line of sight.

The Situation, Turn 4

Another armored units is blocking the Southern rail line to railroad, but my seven strength infantry units should be able to make short work of it:

Clearing the Road to Warsaw

Meanwhile, my units are closing in on Cracow:

Closing in on Cracow

Now that I have destroyed that unit, I can surround Cracow and besiege it. That should eliminate the infantry unit there without me having to attack it in favorable terrain for the defender. My goal, at this point, is to avoid engaging in unnecessary urban warfare. I want to avoid any possibility of a Polish Stalingrad.

On the northern side of the map, I am attempting to clear out the unit behind me in the woods. Meanwhile, my other units start to encircle Poznan. If I’m lucky, I can keep the 4 strength Polish infantry unit in the city, where it cannot do any damage.

Clearing the Woods and Encircling Poznan

At the end of turn four, things have started to look promising. The encirclement of Poznan is almost complete, and the units to the west of Cracow have been mostly cleared out. The plan is coming along, slowly but surely.

The Situation at the End of Turn 4

During turn five, the plan continues. The encirclement of Poznan is almost complete, with only one infantry unit stopping me from beginning the siege.

Surrounding Poznan

My Stukas should be able to destroy that infantry unit, or at least make it a certainty that I can surround Poznan next turn.

Stukas Raining Damage from the Skies

Cracow will also be surrounded next turn. Once these two cities are cleared out, a number of units will be freed up to move eastward, though by the time they make it to Warsaw, it may already be in my hands.

At the end of turn five, I have the scenario well in hand. I will definitely be able to finish the scenario by turn 10, it is just a matter of time.

The Situtation at the End of Turn 5


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