Time of Fury Beta AAR – Fall Weiss Turn Two

The Situation at the Beginning of Turn Two:

The Situation, Turn 2

First order of business, I decide to capture Danzig. A combined air and naval bombardment weakens the Polish unit, and allows me to annihilate it with a combined attack. My armored unit then moves in to secure the city.

Taking Danzig

Danzig Captured

On the northern front, my units push south, but get held up in the woods. If I had been thinking (which I wasn’t, because I figured I didn’t need to worry too much) I would have tried to secure the railroad lines to make supply easier. This will come back to haunt me (but not too much) on later turns. The units in the far west move eastward, trying to cut off the city in western Poland.

Northern Front

On the southern front, I start to push my tanks up the railroad to Warsaw. The units in the southern forest move to encircle Warsaw. My 15 strength Tank Corps is going to break out of the woods as soon as possible, to take Warsaw from the south.

Southern Front

So, when I planned to swing my tanks around last turn, I forgot how slow the forest would make them. That being said, it should only be a couple of turns before I can seriously threaten Warsaw. My other plan is to surround some cities with units. That will place the defenders under siege, which damages them every turn, until they surrender. Once I surround Cracow and Poznan (the city in west-central Poland), the defenders should surrender and clear a path for me to Warsaw.

Next Post: The Push to Warsaw Continues


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