Time of Fury Beta AAR – Fall Weiss Turn One

Here is the plan:

Turn 1 Plan

The general idea is to move quickly towards Warsaw, by passing large concentrations of enemy units, but taking any targets of opportunity that appear. I start moving my units from the north, heading down the roads towards the center of Poland. One of my armored units (strength 6) encounters a Polish infantry unit (strength 1), which I decide to take out:

First Attack

Note the small red arrow pointing at the Polish unit. That is the indicator that I will attack. All I need to do is left click the polish unit with my tank selected. If there were additional units here, I could then click those units to add them to the attack. Units can only participate in one group attack per turn, so it is important to make the attack count. Here, I figure that my one armored unit should be able to take out the Polish infantry.


While I am able to force a retreat, I was not able to destroy the unit with my tanks. To remedy that, I deploy my Stukas to eliminate the Polish unit:

Stukas Move In For the Kill

In this shot you can see the Stuka just above the unit information panel in the lower right side of the screen. It can hit any of the Polish units with a red circle underneath, and can fly 2 bombing missions a turn. I use my Stuka to fly one mission, which is enough to eliminate the weakened infantry unit.

Moving southward, I set up a group attack with an infantry unit and armor unit.

Group Attack

Given the combined strength of my units, they should have no problem annihilating the enemy.

Total Destruction

Meanwhile, in the south, my units are trying to push through the Polish units in the woods along the southern border. The tanks have already skirted around the enemy for the most part, so now I am attempting to destroy a strong unit to clear the way for my weaker infantry to take Cracow (one of two Polish controlled victory cities in this scenario.)

Pushing Through the Border Units

Having completed moving my units, I realized that I can use my fleet for something as well. The German ships in the Baltic can take some potshots at the Polish unit defending Danzig, hopefully weakening it for my units. The screens below detail the process:

Choosing a Fleet

Targeting the Unit in Danzig

The Bombardment Does Some Damage

After I hit end turn, the Polish AI goes through its moves, and naval combat occurs. I still don’t fully understand what happens in Naval Combat, as the manual has not been released yet, even to those of us in beta. Given my naval superiority, I am not going to worry about it too much right now.

I Still Don't Understand Naval Combat

At the beginning of turn two, I have yet to break through Polish lines. I should be able to swing my tanks around this turn, however, and exploit towards Warsaw.

The Situation, Turn 2

Next Post: The Invasion Continues . . .


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