Time of Fury Beta AAR – Fall Weiss Plan

So for my first Beta AAR for Time of Fury, I chose a scenario that should be pretty easy for me to win. The Fall Weiss scenario is the shortest included in Time of Fury, weighing in at ten turns. I plan to use this AAR as an introduction to the basic features of the game, as well as ground and air combat. This scenario is on too short a time frame for production and grand strategy to matter, so we will focus on the operational aspects of the game.

The objective for the Germans in this scenario, unsurprisingly, is to capture Warsaw. The other Polish cities are generally worth no victory points in this scenario, with the exception of Cracow, which is worth one victory point. The main objective, therefore, is Warsaw. As you can see from the map, victory cities have a red square in the lower right hand corner of the hex:

Objective, Warsaw

You can see on the left hand side the minimap, the hex information panel, and the unit information panel. The unit information panel is blank here, because I cannot see any Polish unit in Warsaw, due to fog of war. Before I make a plan, I want to quickly run through the various informational and interface screens available to me.

First is the production window:

Production Window

The production window lets you spend your accumulated industrial production points to produce units. You can choose between divisions and corps (corps being larger and more powerful), and can choose at which level to build them. Higher level troops are, as you’d expect, more powerful. The window lets you know how many turns it will take to complete the units, as well as their cost. While the air units and naval units tabs are self explanatory, the other tab needs limited explanation. The other tab allows you to buy strategic movement points, sea transport points, and amphibious landing points. The player should carefully balances his production expenditures, because industrial production points are also used to build replacements for your existing units. Replacements are made directly on the map, after selecting the unit.

The next window that is significant is the research window:

Research Window

The research window lets you spend production points to unlock higher level units. This is outside the time frame for this scenario, but should be useful when I attempt the Grand Campaign.

The next significant window is the unit window:

Unit Window

The unit window provides a helpful list of your units, their strengths, and their supply levels. You can filter by unit type, which is a nice feature.

Finally, there is a reports window:

Reports Window

The reports window provides access to a variety of information, including events, VPs, cities controlled, etc.

Another feature available to the player is the ability to use diplomatic points to influence other countries. The options are limited, confined to Declare War, Pressure, and Coup d’etat. Pressure uses diplomacy points to attempt to persuade another country to enter the war on your side. Coup d’etat allows you to attempt to replace a government with one more sympathetic to your position. In this shot, you can see me inspecting Sweden’s diplomatic status.

The Diplomacy Screen

Now that the interface description is out of the way, a look at the counters:

Counter Closeup

There are many options for counter types, as well as several options for sprites. I chose a basic counter setup, because that is what I am most comfortable with. The numbers you see on the counters are strength (right) and action points (left).

That leaves me with the plan for turn one:

Turn 1 Plan

Given the importance of Warsaw in terms of VPs, the general plan is to drive towards Warsaw from all sides. My armored units will take the lead, and attempt to destroy weaker Polish infantry formations while bypassing well defended cities. The only major deviation from taking Warsaw will be the units represented by the teal arrow, which will attempt to take Cracow, and the units with the black arrow, which will move towards Danzig. The Polish army should not prove too much of a treat, so the strategy will be pretty simple at this point.

Next Post: The Battle Begins


2 Responses to Time of Fury Beta AAR – Fall Weiss Plan

  1. Steve Maul says:

    you had said “The numbers you see on the counters are strength (right) and action points (left).”

    I think it is the other way around. Fun reports, im helping test as well, and this is one of the best WWII campaign games I have seen/played in years

    Not to complex, but lots of stuff to do for that mega game feel.

    I have a game blog myself so love to check out other gaming blogs.

    please stop by http://www.fungamesroom.com sometime if you can and let me know what you think or make some comments on articles.

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