Time of Fury Beta AARs

Now that I’ve wrapped up my moves for the first Battle of the Blogs, it is time to lick my wounds and prepare for another tilt with Ian.

In the meantime, I have been asked by Matrix Games to write a Beta AAR for Wastelands Interactive’s new game, Time of Fury. Time of Fury is a follow up to their European Theater game Time of Wrath, drawing from several of the updates they made to the system in Storm over the Pacific.

Over the next week or so, I plan to write at least two AARs on Time of Fury. The first will be a learning AAR, taking the Germans in Fall Weiss, the conquest of Poland. Not only will this make me feel better about the result of my Decisive Campaigns game with Ian, it will also let me learn the ropes against what should be an easy opponent.

My second AAR will be the 25-turn Operation Overlord scenario, which sees the combined forces of the US, the UK, and the commonwealth invade Normandy and drive towards Paris.That should give me a chance to check out amphibious invasions, and play as the US, which is always nice.

After that, time permitting, I may dabble in the Grand Campaign, but given that it is a 450 turn commitment, it is unlikely that I can finish that AAR before the game’s release, currently set for Spring. There are two Grand Campaign scenarios – one starting historically, with the invasion of Poland, while the other starts with Germany invading France, with a limited Polish attack at the German’s rear. Feel free to comment and tell me which one you prefer. I’m thinking about playing the ahistorical “France-First” grand campaign, given that the initial Polish front would likely be quite similar to the Fall Weiss AAR.

Matrix provided me with a beta copy of Time of Fury to write these AARs. For those interested, Matrix told me that I was free to discuss any areas of the game I see fit, and I hope to point out the weak points of the game, as well as discussing its strengths.


One Response to Time of Fury Beta AARs

  1. spelk says:

    Nice, I’ll be keeping my beady eye on these AAR’s Chip. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the game.

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