Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Nine

This post will be a shorter one, as there is much less to talk about. The encircled units have now been completely eliminated, and the German army is advancing towards Warsaw, with little to stop it. Here is the situation that greets the Polish army at the beginning of Turn 9:

The Situation, Turn 9

The encircled infantry divisions are dead, it is just a matter of time. That leaves me to pull back my units and try to shore up my line. My best bet to actually do some damage this turn is to try and force the German 18th Infantry Division backwards. I set up an attack with four units, which puts me marginally over the stacking limit. I am willing to risk the increased casualties to buy some more time. After an artillery bombardment and bombing mission, here is the attack:

An Overstacked Attack

I manage to eke out a minor victory in the attack, but unfortunately not enough to push the Germans out of position:


That leaves me to pull back whoever I can to attempt to hold the line. Working in my favor are two facts: 1) Ian only has two turns to break the line and take Warsaw; 2) My units are about to retreat into the urban outskirts of Warsaw, which should provide good defensive terrain. While my only chance at this point is to force a draw, I think I might be able to pull it out. This one is going to go down to the wire.

The Situation at the End of Turn 9

Ian is going to have to make a major push to take Warsaw next turn.


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