Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Eight

At this point, it is time to write off the pocketed units. Because they are out of supply, they are unable to move or engage in combat. At this point, their only purpose is to soak up German units that could be attacking Warsaw. As you might expect, the situation in the pocket is desperate:

The Pocket

These poor units are not going to be able to hold out long, and have no hope of rescue. Hopefully Ian’s troops will allow them to surrender with honor. I feel like I could have saved them. I realize that it may actually be an indication of insanity, but I feel like I’ve let my digital soldiers down. A few better decisions earlier in the game, and they could have avoided being trapped and destroyed, and instead participated in a glorious victory for their homeland.

That being said, things near Warsaw are not quite as bad:

The Warsaw Area

Sure, a division worth of troops has been encircled, but from where I am standing, it looks like they have a reasonable shot at securing a supply line. Plus, I can start moving my units from the shoulder of the salient towards Warsaw proper, setting up a stronger defense in depth. All I need to do is delay the Germans for three more turns.

First, I send the 2nd Infantry Legion, isolated in the south, out in search of supply. Zvradov seems like a nice target, lets see what is over there:

Fancy Meeting You Here

I should have known that Ian would have his cities covered, to protect his supply sources. I am out of AP, so I couldn’t attack here if I wanted, but I’d be out-gunned anyway, so there would be little chance of success. That expedition was somewhat of a failure; it would have been more valuable to have an extra defensive infantry unit in Warsaw.

Speaking of Warsaw, it is about time that I try to break out the small encirclement there. Thanks to the position of the 1st Armored unit, I am able to attack by four sides, which gives me a nice bonus for concentric attack:

I Have High Hopes

Which Are Quickly Dashed

That attack did not go as well as planned, and my encircled units are still in a spot of trouble. There is nothing more I can do for them this turn, however, so it is best to move on to other concerns.

One area where an attack could make a difference is south of Warsaw, where the German 14th infantry division is making a a push for Warsaw. I have a concentric attack with elements of the 2nd and 10th infantry divisions, which may be able to force the Germans to retreat a space, buying me a little more time.

Trying to Push Back the Southern Offensive

This time, my mighty infantry are able to push back the Germans:

Finally, Success!

At this point in the game, there is not much interesting happening on my side. I just need to keep trying to reform a defensive line every turn, and keep the Germans from pushing all the way to Warsaw. My battles are all part of a delaying action, rather than fought with any hope of defeating the Germans, or winning the scenario. That being said, I think there is at least a chance that I can pull out a draw before all is said and done.

Warsaw, End of Turn 8

I imagine Ian will try to do something about that though.


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