Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Seven

Things went from bad to worse. As those of you who are familiar with wargames (or actual war, I suppose) know, supply is extremely important. Supply mechanics can be relatively lenient (or even non-existent), or they can be vitally important. Supply is not as significant in Decisive Campaigns as it is in Avalon Hill’s Afrika Korps boardgame (where all units not in supply at the end of turn are eliminated; potentially eliminating all of your units if you played poorly as the Germans), but units that are cut off from supply will have drastically reduced effectiveness. “Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.” With that in mind, I present the situation as of turn seven:

The Situation, Turn 7

Note the encircled mass of Polish units in the center. Because I was not paying attention, I neglected to hold on to at least one of the Polish cities in the center, which would ensure that I remained in supply. As a consequence, my units are both surrounded by Germans, and unable to break out. There is little chance of relief from Warsaw, which has its own problems. I have to defend Warsaw for 3 more turns, so at this point I need to hope that the Germans over-committed units to the encirclement, and that my Warsaw defenders can hold.

First I attempt to break out of the encirclement, with predictable results. I try to push at the units on the shoulders near the River, hoping to force a crossing:

Breakout Attempts (Attacks Circled)

Guess I Could Have Used Some Supplies...

Meanwhile, back at Warsaw, I pull my units back, trying to set up a defensive position. I cannot resist poking at a lone infantry unit in the German salient:

Attacking an Infantry Unit


After the attack, I try to form new lines. Ideally, by putting single units in each hex between the front and Warsaw, I can delay the Germans for enough turns to pull out a draw. Here is the defense taking shape:

The Lines at Warsaw Take Shape

Meanwhile, the encircled units are essentially a total loss:

The Encirclement

I haven’t really had any opportunity to launch any kind of offensive this scenario, which is kind of demoralizing. I could have moved on Lodz, but I don’t see how that could have been effective. I suppose my big mistake was failing to defend the river crossings strongly enough while I pushed my units eastward, and failing to secure a supply source for as long as possible. Now I am playing for a draw, but the situation is not completely hopeless yet.  I am sure that Ian will have his turn up at Sugar Free Gamer soon.


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