Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Six

The demoralizing beating continues:

The Situation, Turn 6

My central mass of units is officially cut off. This means that I am in trouble. It looks like there is little chance that I can force a breakout at this point, which means that the win by having 1400 strength points in Warsaw is probably unavailable to me, even if my number of strength points is currently artificially understated by pushing my units a hex or two out of the Warsaw area. If I can tie down a number of the German units to prevent my encircled units from breaking out, I can probably hold Warsaw long enough for a draw. So I need to firm up my lines in Warsaw, and threaten a break out from encirclement. To threaten a breakout, my best bet is to move my units North to the river, to try and get around the Axis units on the northern shoulder.

First, I take the opportunity to attack the surrounded engineer:

This Attack Should Work

The engineer panics, but does not surrender, which is obnoxious. I was hoping to kill it off, so I could move more of the surrounding units away. I left the Cavalry out of the attack (perhaps incorrectly), so I can push them northward, but the infantry is now stuck. I next target the engineer that is at the forefront of the German north shoulder, because I can hit it from four sides:

Hoping to Force a Retreat

That attack successfully pushes the engineer unit back. Hopefully a river crossing can be attempted next turn, and I can push towards the northern outskirts of Warsaw.

Hoping to Get Across the River

I move my forces to attempt to hold back the German spearhead moving towards Warsaw. This isn’t pretty, but hopefully I can hold on for a few more turns:

The Breakthrough

The situation looks like this in the center:

The Central Mass

The overall situation is not looking so good. At this point, I am resigned to pushing for a draw at best.

The Situation at the End of Turn Six

You can find Ian’s continuation at Sugar Free Gamer.


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