Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Five

So. I was really hoping that it wouldn’t come to this. Ian has me surrounded, and break out could prove difficult. The one thing that I have going for me rights now is that, because I am the defender, I can receive supply from cities. That means that being surrounded isn’t as horrible as it could be. Hopefully I can use that to my advantage, and force my way across the river into the swamp and forest before Ian captures Warsaw.

The Situation, Turn 5

My first goal is to open up a supply path to my surrounded units in the center of the map (the 16th Infantry Division). This will serve the dual purpose of saving my units and pushing the front back towards the Kampinos Forest, where I need to get if I want to get into the Warsaw area for the win condition. If I can keep my units in supply, I can use my strength in numbers to push through the qualitatively superior but numerically inferior German units holding the center. I start off by moving units into the gap in the German units, creating a narrow channel for supply. I then try to push back one of the German engineers, to give my units a little more room. I begin with an artillery bombardment:

Artillery Bombardment

That weakens the Engineer, and allows me to attack it with my infantry, forcing it to retreat, and creating a little more space for my supplies to flow:

This Attack is Going to Win

Meanwhile, over by Warsaw, Ian is driving an armored spearhead around my units, pushing across the river and south of the forest, threatening to cut off my units, or just push quickly to Warsaw.  I attempt an attack to blunt the spearhead:

Trying to Drive Back the Spearhead

Unfortunately, the Panzer division is just too strong:

Failing to Drive Back the Spearhead

I launch another attack on the German corps artillery near Warsaw, but am driven back again.

Another Failed Attack on the Artillery

Honestly, I am a little demoralized at this point. If I had been thinking during turn 1, I could have put up a better fight at the various river crossings, which may have helped me to hold off the German encirclement of my units. The hole in my lines near Warsaw could be a problem for me next turn. If I can survive another turn or so, I may be able to withdraw towards Warsaw and shorten my lines, which could buy me some time to break out. I will need to make a strong push to break out, before my defensive units around Warsaw are so weakened that they can no longer hold on.

The Situation at the End of Turn 5

Specifically, I am hoping the stacked 4th Infantry Division, which is at full strength and in position to help with the break out, if I can push through the engineer, Liebstandarte division, and the elements of the 24th Infantry, I can make a break for Warsaw and maybe pull out a win. I’ll have to see what new attacks Ian has in store first though.


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