Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Three

I can feel the Germans closing in on me as I load Ian’s turn. Suspicious of Germans lurking in the fog of war, I use my recon planes to scout, focusing on the areas where I feel like an encirclement is likely. Here is the result:

The Situation, Turn 3

There are a couple of things that need to be dealt with, and opportunities that have arisen. Ian has managed to push through the hole in my lines in the south central area of the map, sending what appears to be a single unit into my soft underbelly. If that is all there is, it should be easy to move units to close the gap and then send someone to attack the lone unit, putting it out of supply and at risk of destruction. I decide to take advantage of that fact, moving some cavalry and infantry to seal the gap, and then sending a cavalry unit and an engineer to attack Ian’s unit, which turns out to be an engineer. The result comes out in my favor, though his unit has not surrendered yet.

A Successful Attack

On the Warsaw front, there are two opportunities to bloody the German’s nose. First, I can hit the 18th Infantry unit north of Grodzisk. I can also advance and pound the weakened 1st Panzer again, hopefully eliminating it and the engineer that it is stacked with. Success in the south could allow me to threaten the German flank, hopefully pulling some of their forces away from attacking Warsaw or exploiting northward to pocket my units.

Targets of Opportunity

I move my units forward, trying to surround the enemy on as many sides as possible, setting up two attacks:

The Two Attacks

The first attack, on the 18th Infantry is a success, causing it to retreat and doing minor damage. I then push my lines forward to take advantage of the additional space:

Success in the First Attack

The second attack, on the 1st Panzer, is even more successful. I force the engineer to retreat, and completely eliminate the 1st Panzer unit south of Warsaw. Hopefully this will allow me to threaten the German flank, as discussed above, and take some pressure off of my units in the center of the map as they head back towards Warsaw.


Success in the Second Attack

Since the Southern approach to Warsaw looks like it will be flooded with Germans soon, I keep my mass of units in the center heading due east, planning to turn north if possible, or to push them through the woods if necessary. Hopefully I can get my units to the northern road, because the slow movement through the woods may allow the Germans enough time to rally and complete the encirclement.


The Mass of Units in the Center

The north and south shoulders of this particular encirclement both look dangerous, with the forces on the South more advanced.


The Situation in the North

The Situation in the South

At the end of the turn, the game is still too close to call. My best bet is to get my units in the center past the large German concentration in the center-south. If I can get them through there before they are cut-off, I stand a good chance of getting them into the Warsaw area, and triggering the 1400 strength points in Warsaw winning condition.


An Overview at the End of Polish Turn 3

Head to Sugar Free Gamer to see Ian’s response.


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