Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn Two

The Polish retreat continues in turn two. You know what happened during Ian’s turn, but I do not. From what I can see, Ian pushed his units to the river at Grodzisk, and mounted an unsuccessful attack. He also pushed his panzers north on the eastern edge of the map. I think that I can use my artillery, limited airforce, and single tank unit to punish him for that push on the eastern edge. At least my units can earn the respect of their countrymen.

The Situation, Turn 2

On the Warsaw front, I use my 10th Infantry’s artillery unit to bombard the eastern unit of the 1st Panzer Division, then bomb it with my tiny force of bombers in Warsaw. Damage is minimal, but every little bit counts. Having weakened the Panzers, I move my 10th Infantry Division forward, along with my one unit of Tanks, in hopes of driving away the Panzers.

Attack Outside Warsaw

Since this may be one of the only times I attack all game, I will use this screen shot to talk about the attack interface. Feel free to skip this if Ian has covered it in detail in his posts at Sugar Free Gamer. In Decisive Campaigns, you begin an attack by selecting the unit you want to attack, selecting the ground attack command, and then selecting each unit you want to participate in the attack. So in this case, I moved my 10th Infantry units and Tank unit adjacent, selected the 1st Panzer, selected the attack, and then selected the entire 10th Infantry division and the Tank unit. My attack went well:

Attack Results

My units forced the Panzers to retreat and panicked them, causing several losses. I also took few tank casualties, and did not undermine my front line, which makes this a pretty good attack all around. Emboldened by my success, I planned a second attack:

Second Attack

If I had been paying more attention, I would have noted the river I was attacking across. This attack did not go so well:

The Second Attack Went Less Well

The units in the northwest and southwest, retreating from a potential German encirclement, move towards the center of the country and east towards Warsaw.

Western Front

Meanwhile, the line has formed up at Warsaw, but I worry that my fragile force of Tanks may be subject to counterattack next turn.

Warsaw Front

The next turn strategy is mostly the same. I need to keep pushing those units eastward towards Warsaw. It is possible that, starting next turn, there could be real effort made to cut off my units retreat. I need to keep an eye out for that. My best hope, at this point, is to ensure that I have an Eastward facing set of units that are capable of going on limited offensive. That probably means concentrating my artillery so that I can blast a hole in any German line that forms around one of the major road/railroad lines to Warsaw.


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