Battle of the Blogs – Bzura Turn One

Time to get this battle underway. As you may remember from my previous post, this is the situation confronting the Poles on 9 September 1939:

The Situation, Turn 1

The Poles are surrounded by Germans on three sides, who have smashed through our soldiers at the border. The scenario notes indicate that a Polish offensive towards Lodz is possible, but that does not seem particularly likely. The alternative available to the Poles is to attempt to withdraw units to the greater Warsaw area (marked with red dots on the map). Withdrawing seems like the preferable option to me. I don’t want to risk getting my units cut off and destroyed in the west. There are two roads that run to Warsaw, bending around the Kampinos Forest. Ideally, I can keep those roads open to get my units to Warsaw, and not have to trek through the forest. The trick, it seems to me, will be pulling my units in the Northwest and Southwest back without giving up on defensive lines. The units in the middle of the map will attempt to flee towards Warsaw.

The Plan, Turn 1

Avoiding contact with the Germans means that there is little to talk about this turn. Here is the overview:

The Situation at the End of Turn 1

And the Northwestern front:

Northwestern Front, Turn 1

The Southwestern front:

The Southwestern Front, Turn 1

And finally, the Southeastern (Warsaw) Front:

Southeastern (Warsaw) Front, Turn 1


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