Battle of the Blogs!

Spelk over at Sugar Free Gamer suggested that we try a “Tom vs. Bruce” style series, in which we go head to head in various wargames, blogging our experiences. Thus Battle of the Blogs was born. We are going to begin our series with Matrix Games’ Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris.

We will be playing the Bzura scenario, which begins on 9 September, 1939. The Germans have broken through the initial Polish lines along the border, have taken Lodz, and are now moving towards Warsaw. Either the Germans or Poles can win by controlling Warsaw and Lodz simultaneously, and the Poles can also win by moving 1400 strength points worth of units into the Warsaw perimeter. We will be playing with fog of war on, as is fitting.

I will be playing the Polish forces in this scenario, which puts me in an unenviable position. Germans are closing around the bulk of my army on three sides. I am, according to the scenario notes, positioned for an attack on Lodz, but I don’t see it when I look at my unit disposition.

The Situation for the Poles on Turn One

I will have a think about strategy, and whether I can actually mount an attack on Lodz, and then post my plan and the first turn.

Next Post: The plan revealed.


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