Battlefield Academy AAR – Part Two

Previously, I was attempting to break out of the pass so that I could capture the victory point at the settlement and then flank the ridge line objective. Things did not go as well as I could hope at first. While the slow moving Matilda tanks pushed towards the front, I attempted to break through with the weaker crusaders. They did not do any serious damage to the superior German tanks, and took a couple of hits, forcing some of them to retreat up the ridge and out of harm’s way. As a consequence, things stay static for a couple of turns.

Two Turns Later, the Front is Static

The air support was less useful than I had helped, causing minimal damage to the German tanks. Luckily, I was able to pull my Matildas to the front (finally), which allowed me to break out of the pass and start to threaten the settlement.

Two Turns Later, the Breakout Occurs

Artillery barrages managed to kill the infantry unit I suspected was hiding in the settlement, allowing me to waltz in with a bren carrier to seize it.  As of yet, I have not seen the 88s that I am supposed to destroy as an optional objective, so my tanks may be walking into a dangerous area any day now.

Captured for King and Country

Having captured the settlement, the tanks push forward towards the supply base. A crusader artillery piece and empty bren carrier head up to take the ridge line, which has been thoroughly bombarded by my artillery.

Tanks Move Out to Threaten the Ridge Line and Supply Base

Over the next several turns, a number of problems crop up. First, I discover the missing 88s. After seizing the ridge line, I moved my Crusader to assist in taking the passage. As it reached the slope downward, an 88 on the opposite ridge opened fire and reduced my tank to a smoking wreck. The bren carrier suffered the same tragic fate. Meanwhile, German reinforcements moved out from the supply base, creating a running tank battle with casualties to both sides. I will need to employ my artillery and air support in an attempt to clear the 88s flanking the pass, as well as the tanks and entrenched AT guns outside the settlement.

Resistance Stiffens

Next Post: The final push.


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