Field of Glory AAR: Corinth 146 B.C. – Turns 5-7

The flanking maneuver I have planned for turn 5 comes off without a hitch. The flanking cavalry sweeps in on the Greek spearmen and routs them, which fragments the Greek armored cavalry behind them. The skirmishers on the right also manage to disrupt the Greek skirmisher there, accomplishing a secondary goal. The most surprising event that happens, however, is a dramatic weakening of the Greek center. The two pikemen units making up the central phalanx become fragmented or disrupted, rendering them vulnerable to a push by my legions next turn.

End of Turn Five

During turn six, the Greek armored cavalry command unit manages to rout one of my legions, pushing them off the line. His routing spearmen manage to recover their composure, returning to fragmented status. His center, however, finally falls apart. Both pikemen units rout, leaving my legions with the potential for an unopposed advance into the center of his army. The Greeks also leave a fragmented heavy cavalry unit exposed to a rear attack from my cavalry on the right flank. That, paired with the attacks on him skirmishers on both flanks, should force the entire Greek army to rout soon.

Beginning of Turn Six

In turn six, I begin by pushing my cavalry on the flanks, targeting the armored cavalry that I can hit from behind. The armored cavalry routs, and my cavalry follow, putting pressure on the recently recovered spearmen in the center. Meanwhile, my skirmishers surround a lone Greek skirmisher on the right flank. In the center, my legions pursue the routing pikemen, doing additional damage. They also move to surround the heavy cavalry commander in the center, causing him to fragment. One of my auxiliary infantry routs, but it is probably too late for the Greeks to salvage their position.

End of Turn Six

The Greek turn six is brutal for their army. Three additional infantry units rout, and the heavy cavalry command unit routs and is then annihilated. The Greeks are in full scale retreat at this point.

Beginning of Turn Seven

Emboldened by the fleeing Greeks, my Romans move in for the kill. They destroy a skirmisher, which is enough to send the Greek army into rout, securing victory.

End of Turn Seven


The result is a decisive victory for the Romans. After being routed in my game of Hannibal, it feels nice to defeat someone’s army for a change. I really enjoy the fast skirmishes that the Field of Glory system produces. I will probably post at least one more AAR, before discussing the base game in a review.


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