Hannibal AAR – Turns 11-20

Carthage Turn Eleven:

I advise the senate to reinforce Africa, given the Roman presence on our soil. That gets me an African infantry (1-2) and two African cavalry units (2-1). This is where the comedy of errors begins. Reasoning that I wanted to move a unit in to besiege Utica, I activate Syphax and his Numidians, and move them towards Utica. I forgot, of course, that the Roman general there could intercept, which places my numerically inferior and poorly led Numidians against a superior Roman force. I then, inexplicably, refuse to withdraw into camp. This is the battle that results:

The Last Thing Syphax Ever Sees

Syphax is crushed in one round, and dies a horrible death. No problem, I thought, as I can just send Himilco with my units in Carthage. Rome plays an Elephants Rampage card, which forces them to rout. Then this happens:

Battle Lines Are Drawn

Himilco Gets Hit Hard in Round One

And in Round Two

At This Point, Himilco Runs Away

At This Point, Himilco Runs Away

At Least He Traded Pursuit Casualties

After these ugly losses, I go to end of turn, hoping that Hannibal can recruit in Gaul. He cannot flee to Spain, because I elected to upgrade African defenses. He gets no recruits, and I draw a Reinforce Hannibal card, which allows me to recruit two units. That should be useful soon.

Rome Turn Eleven

Rome begins its turn by using an Italian Desertion card on Hannibal, wiping out two of his Italian units. I respond by playing my new Reinforce Hannibal card, picking up two Gallic units.

Gallic Reinforcements

Claudius moves to Gaul, and Hannibal attempts to intercept. Claudius refuses battle. Meanwhile, Rome sends another general to Africa, who burns my fields. Crassus storms Hippo Regius, taking no losses, and lays siege to Cirta. Then, Rome mocks me:

This Hurts Hannibal's Feelings

Before turn twelve begins, more bad news:

Poor Syphax, His Kingdom is Gone

Carthage Turn Twelve:

Seeing that the Roman position in Italy is strong, and worried about defending Carthage from the Roman armies in Africa, I advise the Senate to reinforce Spain. If I can get Hannibal there, I can send him home using one of my Hannibal on the march cards. There is no manpower for recruiting.

Manpower Problems

Hannibal runs to Spain through Gaul, and then escapes to Carthage. He cannot be activated the turn he sails, so that ends my turn.

Rome Turn Twelve:

Not content to let up, just because things are looking grim for Carthage, Rome plays Revolt in Spain, weakening my remaining units there.

Revolt in Spain

Rome then sends Manlius to Spain. He conquers Emporion with a Roman Siege card, and then moves to attack New Carthage. Hasdrubal intercepts, and then the fun begins. Manlius plays Rampant Elephants to force my elephants to rout. He then proceeds to defeat Hasdrubal in detail, forcing him to retreat to New Carthage.


After Round One

After Round Two, Retreat!

Similarly named Roman general Mamilius then storms Mediolanum, Turin, and Patavium, retaking Cisalpine Gaul at the cost of one unit.

The Rest of the Game:

At this point, things get ugly. Rome proceeds to annihilate my navy. New Carthage falls around turn fourteen, right after I pull out Hasdrubal.


New Carthage Welcomes Its Roman Overlords

Hannibal is able to reconquer all of Africa, and keep Carthage safe. The battles generally look something like this:


Hannibal, At Least, Still Wins

With the destruction of my navy, and Carthage’s lack of manpower, there is little that I can do but wait for turn twenty to put Carthage out of its misery.



At least the Romans did not successfully siege Carthage. They will have to wait until the Third Punic War to salt the ground.

The odd thing about Hannibal, which I will discuss more thoroughly in my review, is that I still want to play again, despite this rather embarrassing defeat.


3 Responses to Hannibal AAR – Turns 11-20

  1. Blunt Force says:

    Great AAR, now I understand the game a lot better. Thanks

  2. Asty says:

    Greatly under rated title.

  3. Mike says:

    Excellent AAR for a truely underapreciated title. The “Revolt in Numidia” card is a real killer, I know from my own experiance.

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